Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Night Out with Friends

This isn't from Queenstown, but it is on the set of "TCRA TV" which you can "like" of Facebook HERE.
Kelsey, Ginny, and I drinking mocktails at the Minus 5 Ice Bar!
Meeting up with the boys for dinner!
The most delicious breakfast ever!
Me and a giant Kiwi bird in Queenstown. Please note my excitement over my large coffee!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Some New Pictures from Cadrona and Treble Cone

At the top of the Treble Cone GS today.
Sunrise at Cadrona
Brandy and I on a hike up Mt. Irons
From left to right: Ginny, Kelsey, and I at Cadrona on the morning of the GS
This is the start at Treble Cone.
This is JP and Freddie, my new British friends. And Carly and Sinclair are two of the younger girls standing on the right.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

SL and GS at Cadrona

Here's a quick summary of the races at Cadrona the past two days!

Slalom: 35 girls, starting bib #5
Conditions were good, nice snow, windy, clear skies.
I DNF'd at the bottom of the course, but I felt as though it was a solid run.

Giant Slalom: 37 girls, starting bib #3
Conditions were great again, sunny skies, light winds
I skied really slow first run. I wasn't aggressive and it was a little embarrassing to be honest. Second run was more aggressive and closer to the leader. I ended up 5th overall. I really need to ski faster at Treble Cone tomorrow.

We race at Treble Cone the next two days.


Saturday, July 24, 2010


The Latest and Greatest from Down Under

Hey Everyone!
I've been here almost two weeks now. I can't believe it already been that long! It's insane how time is flying down here. We have our first race coming up this Tuesday (Monday for anyone in the States.) We have two days of racing a Treble Cone and two days at Cadrona (or Coronet, I can't remember which. I just get in the van in the morning.)
We have a great group of people down here. I've mentioned Kelsey before who will be skiing for St. Mike's next year and now we have some boys from Sugar Bowl. There are also some British kids with the camp. We all got together for dinner last night and it was a blast.
Today was a day off, so Kelsey and I slept in, tuned skis, did laundry, and watched movies. It was rather warm today which was nice and refreshing, but it cooled off around 4 which (hopefully) means good snow tomorrow for training.
Here are some new photos:
This is Kelsey and I on our walk. We took like 3 million pictures before we could agree on one...
I look SUPER angry in this photo because she caught me between smiles :-P but that's me by the river.
The boys playing "rugby" outside Lookout Lodge.
Okay and this is the river behind my home!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pictures from Queenstown

Scenic view along the road. Like my new Treble Cone jacket?
In Queenstown
More mountains....
Sunset at the Te Awa

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away (But apparently it snowed at the mountain :-D)

Hey All,

Well, today is a day off number two. After six days straight on snow, Kelsey and I opted for a day off yesterday. Due to weather, we have today off as well and it was lovely to get some extra sleep.
In a few hours, we are getting a ride into Queenstown to do some exploring and hopefully buy more (and less expensive) fuzzy socks that we love so much. I am also hoping ot find a Starbuck's a get a LARGE coffee. A large coffee here is like a small in the US. I suppose it's healthier, but it takes me two sips to finish.
Last night, my host couple, Helen and Graham, invited us to stay for dinner and of course, we accepted because ski racers NEVER turn down a home cooked meal. They made us chicken, and sweet potatoes and pumpkin, and potatoes and peas and stuffing. It was very "Thanksgiving." It was also quite delicious. Helen also made a chocolate cake which we had a slice of. Yum.
I'll be posting a picture of Helen, Graham and their two puppies, Lily and Poppy, soon.